Firewood Logs for sale in Beverley, Hull & East Yorkshire 

New firewood prices from 1st August 2022 

Dumpy Bags £70.00          Loose Loads £120.00         Kindling 3 Bags £10.00

Firewood 2022  Call the office on 01964 543950

Logs for sale in Beverley, Hull & East Yorkshire

We are now registered with Woodsure - Ready to Burn scheme Registration no. WS585/00001 & 2.

Traditionally produced using locally sourced timber, and air dried in billet form in order to release moisture in an environmentally friendly manner.

Tree Worx Ltd always has a good supply of seasoned logs for sale.

Our logs are all hardwood with a minimum of 1 year seasoning, please find our delivery rates below.

Woodchip and Mulch are also available. We can deliver in bulk, up to 30 cubic metres.

What are Seasoned Logs?

Firewood logs that are already either fully seasoned or very close, in either case ready to burn. Seasoned (air dried) hardwood firewood, primarily oak and ash that has been drying through the summer season ready for use on open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves etc. The logs are cut to approximately 20cm and split, which allows them to dry most effectively.

Dumpy Bags of Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

Dumpy (bulk) Bags of Seasoned Hardwood Firewood are primarily ash, oak, sycamore and beech that have been dried through the summer ready for immediate use on open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves etc.

Price List 2022

Dumpy Bags £70.00  Loose load £120.00  Kindling 3 for £10.00

VAT is chargeable at 5% on Firewood products and is included in the costs shown above.

Delivery charges

Tree Worx Ltd offers free delivery on all firewood products within 10 miles of HU11 5QH

Deliveries between 10 -20 miles are charged at £20.00

We do not sell from our address. We only offer a delivery service.

Delivery charges can vary depending on the quantity ordered, please contact us for further details. The diagram below is for reference purposes only, may not be exact. Delivery charges are calculated on mileage.

Request More Information via: [email protected]

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